Personal Training

Make Your Workouts Really Work Out For You

Whatever your goals, your Next Gen Personal Trainer will tailor a programme specifically designed to get the most out of your training that will push you further, keep you motivated and ensure you’re focussed on the right areas.

What Can A Personal Trainer Do For Me?

Use Next Gen Personal Training for weight loss, increased muscle tone, general fitness, sports specific training, improving technique, injury rehabilitation, increased self-esteem and more. 

Benefits of Direct Debit PT

  • No large upfront payment
  • Smaller easier to budget fortnightly payments
  • Lock in a solid training routine
  • Best way to achieve results is with regular ongoing  personal training 
  • Easy suspension process when unable to train for a period of time
  • Increased flexibility, sessions accumulate providing up to 6 months to make up a session

Why Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

Irrespective of your age or fitness ability, a Next Gen Personal Trainer can provide you with the motivation, advice and encouragement that will give your workouts an amazing boost. Whether you need some extra support training for an event, a holiday or longer term arrangement, having your own trainer is the best way to achieve your goals sooner. It’s not just about what you can achieve in the gym; your trainer can also provide advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes, all geared up to helping you achieve your goals faster. 

What Qualifications Do Our Trainers Have?

All Next Gen Personal Trainers are registered with Fitness Australia and are Certificate 4 qualified.  They all undertake continued training to ensure they follow the latest thinking and specialist knowledge available.

PERSONAL TRAINING OPTIONS Next Gen Doncaster offers the following Personal Training options over 45-minutes


A great opportunity to get started and see what personal training is all about


Ideal for working towards goal achievement, injury rehabilitation or ongoing motivation


Ideal for long term lasting results with ongoing regular sessions providing the best value

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