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You’re one person but you lead many lives


Next Gen Doncaster opens up a whole new world of health, lifestyle and relaxation.

Some days you’re full of energy, some days you just want to relax.  There are times you need some space and others when you love the company of family and friends.  Next Gen Doncaster will give you the choice and opportunity to stretch out and live the life you want, each and every day.

If you’re a tennis player, you’ll enjoy the spectacular courts. Learn to Swim is a popular component of our Next Gen Kids programme that keeps children active, entertained and engaged throughout the year.  Our team of fitness experts can help you achieve your goals with cutting edge equipment and a full range of classes across two studios.

You’ll love to unwind in Regeneration Spa, relaxing members lounge and outdoor sun terrace, which make Next Gen Doncaster an ideal venue train, enjoy and relax with friends and family.  Step out of your routine at Next Gen Doncaster.

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