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What is the Learn to Swim program?

The Learn to Swim program is developed by the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia, the program is designed to teach essential swimming and survival skills, skills for life. It allows children to learn and progress through the levels as they grow and develop. “Royal Life Saving's Swim and Survive program ensures children all over Australia get the very best swimming and water safety education backed by over 125 years of experience in swimming and lifesaving, based on evidence-based research.”

 Benefits of Swim and Survive. The Swim and Survive program is:

•      Backed by 125 years of Royal Life Saving history

•      Well-researched and reviewed regularly to keep it up to date

•      Aligned to the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework

•      The best avenue to achieve the National Benchmarks for swimming and water safety

•      GST-free as it meets the criteria of personal aquatic survival skills

•      Above all, fun, challenging and a channel for personal achievement

Exert from RLS website in commas’ below is the part from the Royal Life Saving website: 

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When and where are classes held?

The classes run Monday – Thursday afternoons, Wednesday and Saturday mornings. All of our classes are held in our heated indoor pool and are 30 minutes long.

When does the Learn to Swim program run?

The program runs continuously from mid-January to mid-December each year and suspension or make-up sessions may be available for family holidays or illness. Children will receive certificates of achievement as they progress through different awards and stages.

How to enrol?

  1. Simply complete the attached Enquiry Form and hand to Reception. 
  2. Download the Enquiry Form and complete all details. Save the completed form to your computer. Click on the ‘Email the Learn to Swim Co-ordinator’ button. Attach your completed Enquiry Form and send via email.

Our Swim School Coordinator will assist booking you or your child in for lessons, and we will be in contact with you to confirm your enrolment. Your child may need a 15-minute swim assessment to make sure they are placed into the correct class; from here you are able to start right away!

Download Enquiry Form  


Email the Learn to Swim Coordinator  

The Learn to Swim Program we teach

Little Wonders

Our little Wonders are our infant and preschool classes, these classes are determined by the child’s  age up until they get to the little wonders 4 class which is skill based for the children to move up to the next level, this is also the first class without parents in the pool with them.
Little Wonders 1 | 6 months – 15 months – With Parents
Little Wonders 2 | 15 months – 24 months – With Parents
In both the Little Wonder 1 and 2 classes students will work on water familiarisations skills while bonding with their parent
Little Wonders 3 | 2 years – 3.5 years – With Parents
In this class the kids will start working on skills that they can do more independently in preparation to swimming without parents 
Little Wonders 4 | 3 years – 5 years – Without Parents
This class is skill based and without parents, students will continue working on their independence in the water learning basic swim and survival skills. As this class is skill based it means students will need to be able to comfortably complete all of the skills to progress to the next level.


All of these levels have swim and survival components and safety skills are taught in every level. This program allows children to learn and progress through the levels as they grow and develop.
Level 1 | This class works on basic swimming and survival skills and growing the children’s confidence in the water. 
Level 2 | Here is where we really start to work on the children’s kicking action and freestyle is first introduced in this level.
Level 3 | Breathing is added to freestyle and distance is increased. Backstroke arms and survival backstroke legs are taught as well.
Level 4 | In this level strokes are developed more, freestyle and backstroke extended, survival backstroke put together and breaststroke legs introduced.
Level 5 | Improving technique over all strokes in this class and adding arms to breaststroke.
Level 6 | Increasing distance and developing more proficient swimming technique for all strokes and breaststroke timing and dolphin kick are taught in the level.
Level 7 | In this class Students work on maintaining their strokes over a greater distance and additional safety skills are added.
Level 8 | Distance is increased for all strokes and sidestroke is added along with tumble turns.
Level 9 | Basic butterfly is taught in the class and all strokes are extended to a greater distance making sure student maintain the finer technique of each stroke over the distance.
Level 10 + 11 | Strong strokes and a further understanding of safety skills and rescues to help prepare students for getting their bronze Medallion.

Payment options Learn to Swim offers the flexibility of fortnightly direct debit or upfront payment options.

Fortnightly direct debit

Aligned to your fortnightly membership direct debit Ongoing with an initial 16-week period Cancellation notice of one full direct debit period

Upfront payment

16-week period payable upfront Re-enrolment option available upon completion

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